2-day course

This 2-day course is initiated with mental training, teaching you very effective techniques for calming your nerves and turning up your personal ability to convince.
Finn Jørgensen, a leading mental coach in Denmark, presents this first part of the course. You can read more about Finn here.

The course proceeds with thorough training in presentation techniques - with and without the use of PowerPoint.
You will get the opportunity to work with your own presentation and with cases in teams.


  • Purpose and motivation for the course and how you will benefit
  • Mental training: How to calm your nerves and turn up your ability to convince
  • Exercises: Mediation as a means for programming your brain
  • Introduction to the toolbox of presentation techniques
  • Examples: Presentations that use the principles of presentation techniques.
  • Working process: Mindmap & brainstorming, focus on the first 5 slides of a presentation, storyboard, speaking notes and graphics
  • Participants work with cases, presentations and feedback
  • Work with pictures and storytelling in PowerPoint
  • Participant create a presentation for a fellow participant
  • Participants switch roles - and gives a presentation created by a fellow participant
  • 10 pieces of advice; transforming theory into practice


Target group

You work with PowerPoint on a regular basis. And you want to transform a nervous energy into positive energy that enhances your ability to convince when giving speeches and presentations.


The course is held in Copenhagen and Aarhus.