Be unique

Presentation techniques are more important than ever! Modern society constantly reminds us why they call it 'the information society' - with an enormous amount of messages constantly craving our attention - and that is the exact reason why obtaining the means to reaching your target group should be taken seriously.

With Convinced you will learn to use PowerPoint to enhance your communication in a way that will capture your audience, and ensure that your key points and messages will be remembered. A course with Convinced will make you able to become a unique presenter and improve your ability to:

  • tune your personal impact
  • get your audience involved
  • replace bullet points and enumeration with communicative slides

The courses are evaluated by its participants and Mads Holm Iversen receives an average of 9,6 on a 10-point scale. (Click here to watch testimonials)

"On a scale from 1-10, 10 being the highest, Mads is a definite 12!
Competent, educational, super engaged and involving"

Julie Rosenkilde Ortmann,
HR Consultant & freelance writer


"Brain research shows that we have 3 minutes to connect effectively with our audience. If not they lose interest and ability to concentrate."*

That is why the courses have a main focus on creating effective introductions to your presentations. The courses also include other communications tools that give you the best possible basis for creating successful presentations.

With Convinced you will learn to take a 'storyboard' approach to your presentation, just like they do in Hollywood when planning movies. You set the scene, develop the plot and create the happy ending.

The courses will also teach you to plan, mix and give presentations, approve your ability to create presentations for others, and give presentations that others have created for you.

*Professor Richard E. Mayer: "Multimedia Learning"