2-day course

On this 2-day course, you will learn to plan, combine and give presentations, based on techniques in PowerPoint and your personal performance. You will prepare and present your own presentation and receive feedback. You will do teamwork on developing ang giving presentations, based on excercises and cases.

The course will teach you to focus and structure your points in PowerPoint, using a 'storyboard'. You will acquire techniques that will enable you to create an interesting intro and learn to use tools for incorporating pictures and stories in your presentation, and convince your audience.

This course is an extended version of the 1-day course: "PowerPoint with power and points." The main difference is that during the 2-day course the combination of cases, teamwork and cooperation on exercises, will give you the ultimate result and make you capable of developing techniques beneficial for yourself and others.



  • Purpose and motivation for the course and how you will benefit
  • Introduction to the toolbox of presentation techniques
  • Examples: Presentations that use the principles of presentation techniques
  • Participants work with cases, presentations and feedback
  • Working process: Mindmap & brainstorming, focus on the first 5 slides of a presentation, storyboard, speaking notes and graphics
  • Participants work with cases, presentations and feedback
  • Work with pictures and storytelling in PowerPoint
  • Participants create a presentation for a fellow participant
  • Participants witch roles – and give a presentation created by a fellow participant
  • Memo technique & brain research: How does an audience learn
  • 10 pieces of advice; transforming theory into practice

Target group

Intermediate and advanced.


The course is held in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Nyborg. Time: 9:00 am. to 4:30 pm. both days.